More information for parents / carers
Our commitment

To provide quality learning opportunities that inspires and encourages every young person to value learning and to achieve their true potential.

What can I expect from Equilibrium?

As the parent of a child / young person engaged with Equilibrium you can expect a quality service.  Our primary role is to work with your child / young person to inspire and develop them so that they are able to achieve their true potential.  We are always happy to discuss our work with parents and welcome contact from you at any time.

Learning & Development Work

If your child / young person is engaged with a Learning & Development Worker then you can expect that this person will make every effort to ensure that you are well informed and that – as far as possible - their work with your child / young person supports your own relationship with them.  We will make an initial assessment of your child’s needs and then draw up a plan (called a Personal Development Plan) of how we will work towards addressing these in order of priority.  We will seek to consult you for your views on this plan.


We are an approved centre with ABC Awards, a national awarding organisation with a portfolio of flexible, vocational qualifications designed by industry professionals. We can offer a number of qualifications in a variety of different subjects.


We provide access to a wide range of activities and endeavour to meet individual needs and interests.  Your child / young person may be offered a place on one of our residential's and if this is the case you will receive detailed information from us about what you and your child / young person can expect.

Compliments & Complaints

We want to know what you think about us.  We value your comments because these are the best measure of how far we are getting things right.  Equally, we need to know when things need improving.  We have a Compliments & Complaints Policy and welcome anything you have to say about your experience of Equilibrium.  You can use the following link to email us or go to the Contact Us page for our telephone number and postal address.


Last year my son James completed the Equilibrium forestry/conservation course.

He had a lot of anxiety issues, was reclusive and very socially awkward. He had been bullied a lot at school and was at times suicidal and aggressive.

He has recently started a college course in I.T. and he is doing really well and his confidence has improved tenfold.

When I said to him that I was proud of him he told me that if it were not for EQ he would not have gained the confidence he has now.

He told me that he was treated like an adult at EQ and encouraged. He didn’t realise it at the time but the tutors at Eq were helping him to interact and work in a team.

I am so grateful for the fantastic work you did with him and for the pleasant, more outgoing young man I have today.

Thank you all. Keep up the good work!