More information for young people

To provide quality learning opportunities that will inspire and encourage you to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence to help you to achieve your true potential.


Who are Equilibrium?

Equilibrium are a team of workers committed to supporting you so that you can achieve what you are truly capable of.  We do this in lots of ways :

  • We support young people who find school difficult.
  • We run groups that support young people who have similar issues.
  • We offer 'residentials' (staying away overnight) where young people spend a few days having fun and learning new things together.

I’ve got an Equilibrium Learning & Development Worker – what’s that?

A Learning & Development Worker will support you to get the best you can out of your education.  They usually meet you once or twice a week for a couple of hours as part of your school timetable.  Your Learning & Development Worker will ask you about what works and doesn’t work for you in school and then draw up a plan called a Personal Development Plan.  This sets out what you and your Learning & Development Worker will do together over a school term (for example building a go-kart, volunteering at a nature reserve, learning to swim).  At the end of term you will be asked what you think you have learned from these sessions and decide if you would benefit from more of these sessions.



We offer lots of activities that will interest and challenge you because we want you to find something that REALLY inspires you.  If you have a Learning & Development Worker they will try to create opportunities for you to try something you’ve never done before or pursue an interest you have already but they will support you to take it much further.  You may be offered a place on one of our regular residential (staying away overnight).  If you haven’t done this before its great fun and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and achieve things you never thought you’d be capable of.

What do you think about us?

We want to know what you think about us.  We want to know because it’s important to us that what we do makes a difference.  If we could do something better then tell us and we’ll try to improve what we do.  You can use the following link to email us or go to the Contact Us page for our telephone number and postal address.

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